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 (Russian Tourist Visa Support authorizations)

(*) To enter Russia, you must hold a VALID PASSPORT, expiring not less than 3 months after the date of your supposed departure from Russia and a Russian visa.

(*) TOURIST visa ONLY !
This type of visa is most suitable for your trip.
    You can get your Invitation to Russia immediately!
  For 35 USD only and registration is included in this price.

It is desirable at once to reserve the tickets.

Procedure of receiving a Russian visa consists of Several steps.
Several steps to get an invitation to Russia – registration included:

Step 1. Receipt of the Visa Invitation:

1.1. Invitation ORIGINAL or FAX ?

Contact your local Russian Consulate and find out the requirements to obtain your visa.

Please, ask at the Russian Consulate, if you need the ORIGINAL invitation.
 Before the registration of the invitation is at first necessary to address to russian consulate and to straighten out - whether a first copy of the invitation or is necessary to him it is enough fax.
 In order for us to create a visa invitation for you, please, call the Russian Consulate in your country and ask if the original invitation is required or if a fax is enough.

Fax suffices? In this case it is necessary to have at self a fax-vehicle, then the invitation will be sent by a fax in current of a 0.5 hour. In this case it is necessary to have at itself the fax - device, then the invitation will be sent by fax during 0.5 hours after payment.

In anyone case the original of the invitation will be sent by mail and will come approximately In 3-10 days. 
 Usually ORIGINAL invitation takes from 3 till 7 working days.
Contact service will send you the printed original of your invitation by post if you select this option in order form (for extra fee). If the original one is required, it takes one more week and costs an extra $25.
 Important! In many cases, the Visa Invitation submitted to the Consulate has to be an original, a copy will not be accepted. Therefore, please take in consideration that an additional time and money may be required to receive the original Visa Invitation.

Receive the invitation by fax in 5-15 minutes. Optionally printed by post in 5-20 days depending on region. 


Go on a Travel Agency site and in a mode "on-line" to fill in the form of the invitation.
Enter invitation order form.
Fill the invitation order form.
Fill out the application form.

Travel Agency need complete passport information and dates of visit to Russia.


Pay for invitation by credit card 35 USD
[Amex, Bravo, Discover, EuroCard, MasterCard, MasterDebit, Novus, Visa, VisaDebit].

If there is a opportunity to pay by a credit card and the term of the invitation does not exceed 2 weeks, it is possible to make the invitation through visa service online on the site. If the card is not present, to pay the invitation it will be necessary in cash by money in office (beforehand). The cost of the invitation (till 2 weeks) - 35 dollars, up to 1 month - 50 dollars, including registration on arrival in SPb. 

Step 2. Receipt of the visa at the Russian Consulate:

2.1. Submit at a RUSSIAN CONSULATE !

Pick up your visa and check to make sure everything is correct.
Prepare the required package of documents and submit it to the Consulate.
To obtain your visa, present the invitation and voucher at a Russian Embassy or Consulate.
Having received the invitation, it is necessary to address in the Russian consulate for the visa.

2.2. Get a ONE-ENTRY TOURIST visa !

Service includes obtaining the invitation and registration in Russia upon arrival. It costs $35. Usually you will get a one-entry tourist visa for 30 days. Some consulates may give you a two-week visa instead of the thirty-day one.

The visa is made out in current of 10-30 days and to pay it is necessary about 50 dollars.

Step 3 (optional).

1) MAIN and TRANSIT address ?

For all applications forms:
 Main address - address which has given by Travel Agency (Reason is Duncan Festival).
 Transit address - any other town, any other hotel.


Important! You have to register your visa after arriving to Russia.
After arrival in SPb it is necessary in current of 3 working days to be registered in firm (free of charge).

Come for registration of your visa to one of our offices in St. Petersburg, Moscow (price included)  
On your arrival to Russia you must register your visa within 3 days at one of our registration office in St. Petersburg, Moscow (see addresses and locations here).

One free registration in one of the following cities: St. Petersburg, Moscow (see addresses and locations here)

Conditions and limitations are the following: Every following registration is 20 USD extra.


Feel free to contact us on any possible questions you have.
Customer care consultants are standing by. Call us.
You can also send us an e-mail message.
You will receive the necessary instructions concerning invitation by e-mail.

 Get in touch with Travel Agency by
e-mail: info@ludmila-tours.com
Tel: +7(965) 0955512, +7(921) 6368496, FAX: +7 (812) 6932964.

4) Important notes .

Visa annullment - $5, change of dates - $5.

Your visit is limited by 14 days. Tourist for up to 14-30 days. If you need the invitation up to one month, please ask at the Russian Consulate, if it is possible to get a TOURIST visa for period more than 2 weeks. Because some of the Russian Consulates only allow a TOURIST visa for two weeks.

If any crashes happen during order process (for example, you will loose Internet connection after payment), please contact us with your order details and we will improve the situation as soon as possible. DO NOT REPEAT YOUR PAYMENT!

5) Useful Hints .

Please follow these rules to avoid visa problems.

1. Have contact information close at hand.
2. Order the type of visa that is most suitable for the purpose of your trip.
3. Register your visa on time.
4. Make a copy of your visa and passport and always carry them with you. Keep the originals in a safe place.
5. Remember the expiry date of your visa.


We shall be from its part glad to make everything, that is possible in our forces that your participation at festival was as more as possible simple and comfortable. We shall try to solve the problem with accommodation of you in family with FREE-OF-CHARGE residing and livelihood. DUNCAN Center offer you FREE-OF-CHARGE accommodation in Russian families. Our apartments are located at the central part as well as a rule not far from subway/underground/metro stations. If necessary, we are ready to provide you with a car with a driver, guide & interpreter services, additional security services. It may be costs an EXTRA PAY. 


In Russian `

 Желательно сразу забронировать авиабилеты, поскольку в летнее время с этим могут возникнуть трудности.
 До оформления приглашения сначала необходимо обратиться в российское консульство и выяснить - нужен ли им оригинал приглашения или достаточно электронной почты или факса. В этом случае необходимо иметь у себя факс-аппарат или факс-программу, тогда приглашение будет прислано по факсу в течении 0.5 часа после оплаты. В любом случае оригинал приглашения будет выслан почтой (Вест Пост) и придет примерно через 3-10 дней.
 Затем необходимо зайти на сайт фирмы и в режиме он-лайн заполнить бланк приглашения. Если есть возможность оплатить кредитной картой и срок приглашения не превышает 2 недель, то можно сделать приглашение через visa service online на сайте. Если карточки нет, то оплатить приглашение будет необходимо наличными деньгами в офисе (заранее). Стоимость приглашения (до 2 недель) - 35 долларов, до 1 мес - 50 долларов, включая регистрацию по прибытию в СПб.
 Получив приглашение, необходимо обратиться в российское консульство за визой. Виза оформляется в течении 10-30 дней и оплатить необходимо около 50 долларов.  После приезда в Петербург необходимо в течении 3 рабочих дней зарегистрироваться в фирме (бесплатно).


On-line visa support service

 Ludmila Tours
Authorized Tour Operator MBT 008222
e-mail: info@ludmila-tours.com
Tel: +7(965) 0955512, +7(921) 6368496, FAX: +7 (812) 6932964
Helena Mosqalyova (Елена Москалёва)

 Office: Ligovskiy prospekt, 10 (office 2133), St. Petersburg, 191036, Russia 
 Phone: +7 (812) 327 34 16, Fax: +7 (812) 578 15 07  
e-mail: info@ostwest.com
 . Tourist Invitationprint version. Tourist visas are issued to foreign visitors who are coming to Russia for the maximum period of 30 days. A tourist visa is the best choice when you know exactly where and how long you are going to stay in Russia and you are not likely to have any changes made to your journey. Please check at your local Consulate for which period (up to 14 or 30 days) they issue tourist visas. Please note: This type of visa can not be extended and has fixed dates within which you may enter and leave the country.
 . Our Letter of Invitation (visa support). The so-called tourist visa support or invitation is a hotel voucher, issued by a travel agency like ourselves, confirming booking of accommodation in Russia. It means that officially you must have a booking confirmation of your accommodation for the whole period of your visit. Book your accommodation with us and your invitation will come absolutely free! If you are staying with your friends or relatives or you would rather book accommodation of your own, we will be happy to offer you our visa support only. You will be charged price of the invitation. Registration does not apply to you if your stay is less than 7 working days or you have booked a hotel elsewhere and hold a valid confirmation of your booking. If you are on a cruise, you also do not have to register. If you are on a cruise, you also do not have to register.
 . Invitation Online! You may get your invitation online for a period of up to 2 weeks in just 15 min. for only $16! Please, pay us by any of the major credit cards: VISA, Visa Debit, Bravo, Discover, Master Card, Eurocard, American Express. Your payment will be in Russian roubles and will depend on current exchange rates. Please make sure, that the card you are using is issued in the same country where you are currently using the internet.
 . Booking By E-mail. If you do not wish to pay for your visa online or experience any other problems with ordering online, you may choose ordering by e-mail option. In this case you shall receive your invitation by e-mail or fax within 24 hours.

 Ost-West Kontaktservice St. Petersburg
7 ul., Mayakovskogo, Russia, 191014, St. Petersburg
tel. +7(812) 3273416, 2797045, 2759842, 2758941; Fax:  +7(812)3273417
For international mail only: P.O. Box 109, SF-53101 Lapeenranta, Finland
Svetlana Vodolazova, e-mail: svetlana@ostwest.com
Tatiana Baklanova, Visa Department Assistant, e-mail: tatyana@ostwest.com

 Ost-West Moscow
Russia, 129366, Moscow, 150, pr. Mira, Hotel "Cosmos" # 0574
tel. +7 (495) 234 13 10, +7 (495) 234 14 81
e-mail: sales@ostwest.com

 Bed & Breakfast
e-mail: alina566@mail.ru
 Director: Alina Ivanova | mob. (812) 959-02-85, (812) 314-63-33 | email: contact@randhouse.ru
 Reservation Service: Anna Gavrilova | tel. (921) 40-77-002 | email: randhouse@mail.ru
 Booking in Moscow: Olga Belova | tel. (916) 673 52 01
You have to pay us on arrival! Service includes obtaining the invitation and registration in Russia upon arrival. It costs $35. Usually you will get a one-entry tourist visa for 30 days. In order for us to create a visa invitation for you, please, call the Russian Consulate in your country and ask if the original invitation is required or if a fax is enough. If the original one is required, it takes one more week and costs an extra $25. Cash only (USD, rubles, euro).

 Balt Express
6 Vosstania str., 191025, St-Petersburg, Russia
tel/fax +7(812) 335 01 78
e-mail: com@betours.spb.ru
Get in touch with Balt Express Travel Agency.

 Visa to Russia
 Address: Leninsky Prospekt, 29, Moscow, Russia 117912
 Phone: 7-(495) 956-4422, Fax: 7-(495) 956-2244
 European Customers: 7 495 956 4422, Helpline is open until 22:00 GMT
 US Customers: 1 800 717 0970, Helpline is open until 5PM ET
Need complete passport information and dates of visit to Russia.
Invitation and voucher would be prepared same or next business day depending on your urgency and send to you by fax or e-mail to any country in the world.
To obtain your visa, present the invitation and voucher at a Russian Embassy or Consulate.





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